My “hooray for supercross!” face. :)
This beautiful tree in my back yard makes my day every time I see it. #fall #yellowleaves
#repost omfg. made my night. HAHAHAHAHAHA. :)
my incredibly adorable super heroes. #batman and #robin
I could listen to this song a billion times in a row. Gah. Such an amazing song. #Avicii #WakeMeUp

y u hatin

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In his latest series, David Szauder connects the dots between our stored memories and digital files. He writes: 

Our brains store away images to retrieve them later, like files stored away on a hard drive. But when we go back and try to re-access those memories, we may find them to be corrupted in some way.

Portraits Connect Our Memories and Digital Files

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You don’t know the meaning of love until you have a baby.

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